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Collection agencies are business that collect past due bills and accounts for other persons or businesses.  We hope this information helps you better understand their rights when contacted by a collector and get answers to common questions.

AskDoctorDebt has provided this information for purely educational purposes and does not represent a legal opinion or legal advice. For counsel regarding your particular situation contact the collector directly or a qualified attorney.

AskDoctorDebt is not able to assist in the actual handling of problems or disputes between a consumer and a debt collector or the original creditor.

Must the creditor (business or person to whom the original debt is owed) notify me before turning my account over to a collection agency?
Is debt collection regulated by law?
What should I do if contacted by a debt collector?
Must the debt collector identify themselves and inform me of the nature of the communication?
How do I find out what I allegedly owe?
What if I dispute the accuracy of the bill? What can I do?
Can I continue making payments to the creditor to whom I owe money?
What if the bill has been paid, I believe I don’t owe the debt, or I am not the person the debt collector is looking for?
Will I have to pay more because the debt is being collected by a collection agency?
If the debt is from a dishonored check will there be a service charge?
Can I be sued if I fail to pay the debt?
Can I go to jail for non-payment of a debt?
Can I make payment arrangements with a debt collection agency?
Does an agency have to accept partial payments?
As long as I am paying something every month, doesn't the collection agency have to take my payment?
The collection agency has agreed to take payments. Do I have to sign a contract?
What about oral (unwritten) payment plans?
Can my home be foreclosed or my wages garnished to collect a debt?
Can my bank account be garnished to collect a debt?
When can a collection agency call me?
Can a collection agency contact other people to discuss my debt?
Can a collection agency call me at work?
Can a collection agency contact my employer?
How can I stop a collection agency from contacting me?
Does debt have a statute of limitations?
The collection agency wants me to write postdated checks or pre-authorize payments from my checking account. Do I have to do this?
Can a debt collector obtain my consumer report?
What happens to my consumer report when I don’t pay a debt?
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