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I recently paid off a debt on an account, but my credit score did not change. Will my credit score go up?
How can I increase my credit score? It is now 760 but should be higher. I don’t owe anybody anything. I’ve never been late with any payments.
If one reporting agency has removed an account after the 7 year period, can a request be made to the other two reporting agencies to remove it from their reporting?
How often should I pull my own credit report and how often can I pull them without hurting my credit score?
I had two late payments 6 years ago in 2003. How long can they report this on my credit report?
If a company sells a debt after seven years, does the statute of limitations start all over again?
What is the rating system for credit scores? What is considered a poor, good, excellent score?
I requested my credit report from several Web sites and found that I owe an amount to collections. I have not received any mail or information on any of these collections. Can you help me?
Can an employer use an applicant's bad credit as a reason to refuse to hire him or her, even when the position has nothing to do with money?
How long does it typically take for a judgment to appear on my credit report?
Are debt collectors required to remove a trade line from my credit report if they receive a dispute notice?
Are debt collectors allowed to report debts to a consumer reporting agency (CRA) during the 30-day validation period?
Are debt collectors allowed to report debts to a consumer reporting agency (CRA) after receiving a dispute letter but before validating the debt?
My credit report shows an account that was charged-off and has a date of last activity of April 2007. Now, three years later they updated the most recent delinquent date for the past two months. I haven't had any contact or communication from them in over three years. Can they do that?
Can debt collectors report my spouse's debt on my credit report?
Where can I find information about my credit reports and how to improve my score?
I have a few charged off accounts on my credit report. Is it necessary to pay although the account has been closed?
One of my creditors mistakenly informed the consumer reporting agencies that I filed for bankruptcy. Now my credit report is messed up. Is there any way to resolve this problem?
I consolidated my student loans but the original loans still appear in my credit report. How long can the original student loans appear on my credit report?
How does voluntary repossession affect your credit?
What is the site for getting a free credit report?
If you have an account on your credit report that has been charged off and will come off your report after 7 years, and the debt collector has the same account, is this a new 7 years?
I have a 180 dollar not paid charge on my credit report and I don’t know what it is for. How do I find out and pay it?
How can I obtain a copy of my credit score without being penalized for reviewing my score?
I was notified in writing one of my credit card accounts had been closed. I had opened it in Dec. 08 and had not used it. In the mean time I had qualified to refinance my home, opened an account for some furniture and opened another credit card account. I was trying to reestablish good credit. Did these new accounts hurt my credit?
Do utility companies report on-time payments to consumer reporting agencies?
How long can negative information appear on a credit report?
Does a debt have to be 180 days old before it can be reported to a consumer reporting agency?
I have paid off items that were disputed on my credit report. The account shows paid zero balance but still shows that it is in dispute. How can I get that language removed? This is preventing me from securing a home loan.
How much does a medical bill that is settled in full for less than the total amount hurt my credit score?
I had a medical debt that was reported to the credit bureaus under the original debt owner's name. The debt was sold and I settled with the new owner of the debt. How do I get the credit bureau reports changed to reflect my payment?
If my debt has been assigned to a debt collector and I pay that debt off, will that still show on my credit report?
Is it better for your credit report to pay each debt in full or make several payments to several different debtors?
How long can a debt be posted on your credit report after you have paid it off?
Now that my credit report shows all credit paid in full, how can I remove all the creditors from the reports, or should I? There not bad at all, it just looks so cluttered with credit and also they are all closed. Thanks.
How do I have collection removed from credit score after paid off
What is the best way to go about getting a debtor to remove the a collection from your credit report once the debt is paid?
Must child support arrears show up on credit reports if complying?
How long does a judgment report stay on my credit bureau?
I recently pulled my credit report and there is a judgment that I do not recognize. I was a victim of identity theft a few years ago and I want to dispute this judgment. Is this possible and, if so, how do I go about it?
I recently printed off my credit report and found a potentially negative item on it. It is a debt I have owed now for almost three years. Once I pay this debt off, will my credit be good again right away or will it take time?
How do I find out what I owe? I am trying to build up my credit and a life, but first I need to pay off all the debts under my name.
Do unpaid medical bills count against your credit?
Is it true that debts pertaining to medical bills can be taken off of a person's credit history after the bills are paid?
How can I get an account removed from my credit report?
I recently pulled my credit report and saw a negative collection account that I never received a bill for. I called the company, and they said they did send a bill and that I ignored it. I never received it or anything from the collection agency. What can I do to get this off of my credit report?
Why is the collection agency marking my credit report as making an $8.00 payment monthly for the past 7 months? It isn’t true what’s the purpose?
I recently checked my credit score and found an unpaid credit card. I called the company and was referred to a collections firm and then a law firm. When I talked to someone about the debt, I was informed that it was now 5 times the original amount. Is there any way to contact the Credit Card Company and see if they will accept a lower amount that I can afford?
Can you tell me how they are calculated? What are the 4 or 5 factors that affect the score positively or negatively? What are some of the best ways to improve your credit score?
Can a parking fine or a library fine be put on a Consumers Credit file?
This makes no sense to me. If the consumer pays why won’t debt collectors agree to delete it off of the consumer’s credit report? Obviously they cannot delete the original creditor’s tradeline and it would remain indicating that it was charged off at one point. However it seems debt collectors routinely refuse to concede on this point.
An old medical bill from 2001 just showed up on my credit report. I’ve been told that they aren’t supposed to put something over 7 years old on the credit report. Can you tell me what the laws are concerning this please? Thanks
I want to get collection account that’s paid off credit report, how do I do it?
If a debt has been reported to the credit reports that I dispute it and then I pay it off, does it still show that I dispute it?
A credit card company placed a lien on an apartment I was renting. I have moved to a different apartment, but the lien is still on my credit reports. Is the lien valid on a rental?
A collection agency offered to settle a debt for less than the full amount, a difference of a few hundred dollars. Will a settlement adversely impact my credit report? The debt has not been reported on my credit report yet, and my score is 790.
How late can I be on my cell phone bill before it affects my credit?
Is there some way I can get a collection agency to remove their entry on my credit report since the creditor is not using them anymore
I had a van that was repossessed in 2008. In 2009 we paid it off, how long does it stay on my credit report?
Can unpaid medical bills hurt an individual’s credit rating?
Can a debt collector report your debt to the credit bureau if not paid by a specific time?
I recently viewed my credit report and the amount I owe total is $3219. I am afraid to open a credit card. How else can I improve my credit score?
I am trying to pay all my bills and have good credit but don’t know if I should pay the full amount or take the settlement. If I take the settlement offer from a collection agency on a medical bill, how will it affect my credit score?
Would take over another person’s delinquent account and paying it off, hurt or improve my credit score?
When I pay off my debt from the Credit Bureau, will they notify the Credit Bureau that my account was paid in full? Will this stay on my credit report for seven years?
I owe $7000 dollars in credit card debt and $5000 dollar personal loan. If I stop payment, can they garnish my wage and how will it affect my credit history?
Can a debt collection agency say my medical debt may be reported to the credit bureau in the 30 day notice of the debt?
I’m attempting to pay off a medical bill that’s been turned over to a collection agency. They agreed if I pay it in full they will remove any trace of it from my credit report. Is an email from them confirming this agreement sufficient or do I request a mailed letter of the agreement? Thank you for your help!
Will settling a credit card account for less than I owe affect my credit rating?
Is it better to Settlements in Full or Paid in Fulla debt?
I am in a payment plan, is a collection filed on my credit report?
How do you remove closed revolving credit accounts from your credit report?
How do you get charged off removed from your account?
How is a deceased person's credit file shown?
I have not paid on a certain debt for almost seven years. What will it say on my credit report after seven years?
I have a credit card debt that was sold to a collections agency. Can the creditor or collections agency report the debt to the credit bureau?
Can the collection agency be asked to have the account removed from the consumer’s credit report if the account was paid in full?
Will my credit score change after my balance have been paid off?
How do I get a charge-off removed from my credit report?
When a creditor reports a debt to one of the Credit Reporting Agencies, what additional information is the creditor required to submit that the debt is applied to the correct account?
I have fully paid off a defaulted debt, will my credit score improve?
How long does an eviction notice remain on your credit report and can an eviction be removed from your credit report?
How can I get a delinquent payment on a debt removed from my credit history?
If I paid off a debt in full, will it be removed from my credit report?
How can I build my credit score if I have no credit history?
Will my credit score go up if I settled with a creditor to pay off my debt in full?
Will my debt to remove from my credit report after a certain length of time?
When a debt is paid late, whose responsibility is it to have it removed from my credit score?
How do I know if a collection agency has reported a debt to a consumer reporting agencies?
Can a collector legally resubmit to the credit bureaus a collection after 7 years of no action on that account? Does selling the debt with another agency restart the 7 year reporting period?
If a debt is on your report for 7 years and you settled the debt in the 6th year. How does this reflect on my credit report?
I paid off a loan and the company supplies me with a letter of good standing and payment, how can I report this to my credit bureaus?
What will happen to my credit report after not paying the balance of a credit card?
I’ve paid off on my debt in full and my credit report still hasn't been updated. How do I report it to the credit report companies?
Is a way to remove derogatory comments on my report?
Is there a way to remove the charge off status from his report once the debt is paid?
If I pay off my medical debt from 2006, will the record come off my credit report?
How do I establish credit?
Are there any websites that I can find information on my debts owed?
Is it better for my credit rating to pay the original creditor or the collection agency?
My ex-wife took a joint account credit card and defaulted. What recourse do I have to dispute this debt?
How can I have a satisfied judgement removed from my credit history?
A collection agency has been calling me on a debt that occurred 9 years ago. What recourse to do I have to stop the calls?
Why does a utility company only report accounts that are delinquent to consumer reporting agencies?
I am paying off a debt owed, what can I do to remove negative information from my credit report?
Who has the responsibility to report to the credit agencies after a debt has been settled?
Does a settled debt improve my credit score?
Can late fees be reported on your credit report?
Will payment made on a charged off credit card debt help improve my credit score?
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